At Last!

Information Age Press has just published the Center for Algebraic Thinking's

How Students Think When Doing Algebra

How Students Think when Doing Algebra is a great book for Mathematics Methods courses, preservice and inservice mathematics teachers. It captures the last 40 years of research on students' algebraic thinking--how they think with different topics and areas they might struggle or have misconceptions. May also be worthwhile for parents as they work with their children doing algebra. You can find it here.

Also published by the Center for Algebraic Thinking:

Teaching Algebra with iPad apps 

It is an inexpensive book ($5.99) of Teaching Resources for
teachers to use with the Center's iOS apps. In the book
are lesson guides and student activities that will help
students develop conceptual understanding of algebra
through the use of our apps.

You can get the iBook through the iTunes store or through Gumroad
(try searching by one of the authors: Doug Neill or Steve Rhine). The Kindle version is also available at Gumroad ( If you prefer print, you can get in on Amazon.

The Center also provides videos for use in Mathematics Methods courses or professional development of teachers.
List of videos of students explaining their thinking.
List of problems used in the student interviews.
If you want access to our video database, please contact us.


NCTM 2015 presentation "What makes algebra difficult for some students to learn?"
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PowerPoint on Graphing
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